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Gina Badenoch

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Ojos que Sienten AC

Gina is a bicultural (Mexican & British) age 35 social entrepreneur, creative, passionate consultant, dynamic photographer and empathetic facilitator working across the globe sharing stories that aim to eradicate mental blindness in order to value human potential and strengthen human capital. By mental blindness she means, all the unconscious bias, labels formed from our limited senses and specially by our visual information and prejudice we have built up throughout life, which have an impact in our decisions. Nine years ago she started teaching photography to blind people to give them a voice focusing in what they did have. For the last 3 years Gina has taking the learnings from working with blind people, to work with a wider pool of untapped talent, by developing and implementing a methodology that helps companies identify internal and external talent based in their Potential and Purpose. By setting up Capaxia, Gina and her team are helping companies such as Unilever and Philip Morris Mexico, re think the recruitment process by humanising it. Start with trust, outsmart unconscious bias, ask different questions to focus in the process rather than the end result and connect with the values and identity of the talent in order for them to thrive and rich their Purpose. Gina is focusing in authentic and transformational leadership creating solutions to develop and manage talent plus support organisational culture change. This eliminates organizational blindness towards potential talent, and strengthens a diverse inclusive workforce with a Purpose. Gina’s unique proposition is to stop seeing people through labels and start looking at them as people, by focusing on their life experience, their behaviour, as it can be effectively used to identify the value they can add to a specific workplace. Its time to see people not only from who they are at present but for who they can become.