Gina Badenoch

Founder, Capaxia

Dream is to reduce inequality together, enabling social and economic mobility by creating a more inclusive society. Photographer, social entrepreneur and inclusive leader, specializing in increasing inclusive leadership in organizations, changing mind-sets where the greatest prejudices exist between talent with potential and a company’s needs, promoting a work-inclusive environment, enabling and developing the innate talent and potential in everyone. Taught photography to blind people, focusing on their abilities and potential offering a tool that allows them to connect with the visual world. Aim is to increase an inclusive and diverse culture in organizations by including talent with potential and developing branding with purpose. 2004, founded Ojos que Sienten; 2011, founded Capaxia; has developed a highly successful new approach: “First I hear you then I see you” based on implementing blind interviews, back-to-back, by which recruiting officers can go beyond their own unconscious biases and identify the true potential of future employees for a better match to job roles, better development of their talent and potential within organizations and ultimately promotion to roles that are satisfying to them and benefit their employers. Young Global Leader, World Economic Forum. Ashoka Fellow. Recipient of honours and awards.