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Hakubun Shimomura

Executive Acting Secretary-General, Liberal Democratic Party, Member of the House of Representatives of Japan, Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)

1978, graduate, School of Education, Waseda Univ. 1989-96, Member, Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly. Since 1996, Member, House of Representatives; Member, Cttee on Education & Cttee on Judicial Affairs; Section Leader, Youth Division, LDP; 1999, Vice-Chairman, LDP Cttee on Education; then Acting Director, LDP Cttee on Judicial Affairs Div.; Director, Cttee on Foreign Affairs; Director-General, Youth Div.; 2002, Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Justice; Director, Cttee on Rules and Admin; 2003, Deputy Sec.-General, LDP; Director, Cttee on Judicial Affairs. 2004, Vice-Minister for Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Tech.; 2005, Deputy Chairman, Diet Affairs Cttee; 2006, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary; 2007, Chairman, Cttee on Judicial Affairs; 2008, Deputy Chairman, Diet Affairs Cttee. 2009, Vice-Chairman, LDP Policy Research Council; 2010, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Tech., and Minister of State for Special Missions (Science and Tech.), LDP Shadow Cabinet. 2012, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology; Minister in charge of Education Rebuilding; Chairman, Headquarters for the Revitalization of Education; Special Adviser, Japan Cttee for UNICEF's Standing Cttee for School Education and Fund Raising.