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John Zhao

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Hony Capital Ltd

BSc in Physics, Nanjing University; MBA, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University; dual Master's in Electrical Engineering and Physics, Northern Illinois University. Formerly: Managing Partner, eGarden Ventures; Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Infolio and Vadem; Vice-President and General Manager, US Robotics; Research and Development Director, Shure Brothers; Division General Manager, Jiangsu Radio Company. Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Hony Capital, a leading private equity firm in China. Also Executive Vice-President, Hony Capital’s parent company Legend Holdings. Has led Hony Capital to manage over $10 billion of assets and investing in around 100 companies domestically and abroad. Member, National Thousand Talents Program; Vice-Chairman, Asset Management Association of China (AMAC); Chairman, private equity and buyout fund committee under AMAC. Member of the Board: China Development Research Foundation (CDRF), Lenovo, Zoomlion, Jin Jiang Hotels, among others.