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Jose Luis Silva Martinot

Bachelor's degree in Accounting and Business Administration, Universidad del Pacifico; MBA, Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola. Has specialized in trade and promotion of medicine and Peruvian natural products with therapeutic purposes. More than 25 years in national and international pharmaceutical marketing and management. 1998-2011, Deputy General Manager, HERSIL, a pharmaceutical and phytopharmacological manufacturing company. Since July 2011, Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism. Former President, Peruvian Exporters' Association. Speaker and lecturer on biodiversity, intellectual property rights, medicinal plants and environment issues. Author of articles on the consumption of local products with the purpose of creating employment and development. Business leader in the sustainable use of natural resources, and participates in events intended to foster the revaluation of traditional knowledge and biodiversity in the field of intellectual property. Has promoted the university-business model, where the parties unite efforts, sharing the results of their performance.