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Josh Spear

Founding Partner and Chairman, Undercurrent

Digital strategist, trend spotter and blogger. Publisher, JoshSpear.com, a global trend-spotting blog. Frequent speaker and adviser to start-ups and companies in gaming, social, commerce and not-for profits. Josh is regularly sought out for his fresh perspective on the world. His recent focus has been the power of social technology, and the impact this new digital landscape is having on people and businesses. He is a Founding Partner and Chairman of Undercurrent, a business strategy firm that applies a digital worldview to the challenges and ambitions of complex organizations. Josh has appeared in Time Magazine, the New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, Inc and many other major media outlets. He has presented for diverse clients and large conferences around the globe. He is a frequent angel investor and serves as an advisor to startups in the gaming, social and commerce sectors. Most recently, he joined Millennium Promise as the chair of the digital advisory board.