Juan Carlos Castilla-Rubio

Chairman, Space Time Ventures

BEng in Chemical Engineering and MEng in Biochemical Engineering, University of Cambridge; MBA, INSEAD. Serial entrepreneur, founder and Chief Executive Officer of start-ups in artificial intelligence, biotech, risk management and fintech. Senior executive leadership positions at Cisco, SABMiller, Oliver Wyman and McKinsey. Former founding Chief Executive Officer, biotechnology start-up Bioingenieria Aplicada focused on developing advanced biofuels and bio-products in the Amazon. Founder and Chairman, Planetary Skin Institute, a Silicon Valley research and development corporation co-founded with NASA that was elected a Top 50 Innovations by Time Magazine in 2009. Founder and Chairman, SpaceTime Ventures and SpaceTime Labs. World Economic Forum: Member, Global Future Council on Environment and Resource Security; Member, Global Advisory Council for the last seven years designing and incubating innovation programs to address global critical issues in energy, food and water security, risk management, climate change, genomics and tropical ecosystem protection. Founder of the Earth Bank of Codes (www.earthbankofcodes.org) and member Working Group of the Earth BioGenome Project (www.earthbiogenome.org)