Kasim M. Kasuri

Founding Curator, Lahore Hub

Kasim Kasuri has been Chief Executive Officer of the Beaconhouse School System since 2004. Established in 1975, Beaconhouse is one of the largest private school networks in the world with over 180,000 students in eight countries. Kasuri is passionate about change in the educational status-quo and has been involved in a number of radical school initiatives including the establishment of TNS Beaconhouse - a “school of tomorrow” based in Lahore, Pakistan, which espouses project-based, experiential learning. He is also actively involved in the development of the school network across Asia, Middle East and Europe. From 1996 to 2004, Kasuri was Chief Executive Officer of Beaconhouse-Informatics, a large chain of IT institutes in Pakistan offering corporate training and IT degrees. He has always maintained an interest in technology and publishing and managed to combine both when he launched Pakistan's first computer magazine in 1988 while at the Lahore American School. Kasuri completed his Bachelor's degree in 1994 from Tufts University in Massachusetts, USA, followed by a Master's degree from the Lahore School of Economics in 1996.