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Kumi Fujisawa Tsunoda

Co-Founder and President, Think Tank SophiaBank

Kumi Fujisawa Tsunoda is Special advisor to Minister, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), Japan; Co-Founder and President, Think Tank SophiaBank; and Guest Professor, Hosei Graduate School. Fujisawa Tsunoda began her career as an investment analyst after graduating from Osaka City University in 1989. After working for several investment fund management companies, she founded Japan’s first investment trust evaluation company in 1996. She sold the company to S&P in 1999 and joined Think Tank SophiaBank to incubate new social systems by fostering social entrepreneurs in 2000. From 2003-2006, she anchored “21st Century Business Class”, a NHK TV programme. Since then, she has continued to visit and interview more than 600 companies. She has sat on more than 30 government committees. She is actively involved in writing books, appearing in magazines, television or radio and giving lectures to deliver useful hints on investment, economics, management or business promotion. Some of her books were translated into several Asian languages. Her excellent insight and brilliant comment are highly valued.