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Kunihiko Shimada

Chief Executive Officer, KS International Strategies, Inc.

BA (Hons) in Political Science, Amherst College; LLB (Hons), Doshisha Univ.; MA in International Studies, Johns Hopkins SAIS; Doctorate in Negotiation Strategies, Harvard. Negotiation strategist and negotiator on international issues, ranging from peace and security, energy, trade, to global environmental issues. Former UN mediator on peace and security issues and Former Special Advisor to the Minister of the Environment Japan (until March 2016). Currently, Founder and CEO, KS International Strategies; Partner, Sun Investment; lead negotiator and co-chair of many items within climate negotiations. Provides advice on energy and environmental policies and strategies; organizing events including concerts and fashion events; global affairs ranging from peace and security to environmental issues and energy policies. Expertise: negotiation strategies; peace and security issues; global climate change as well as other global environment issues; energy policies and strategies (multiple energy areas); coordination of events, including concerts, workshops; network building; leadership management; public speaking.