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Li Jing

Founder and Chairman, LAFASO (Beijing) Media and Cultural Co. Limited

-China's first batch of independent television producer. -China's most attractive female anchor. -China's female model of the new generation. -China's new female lifestyle leader. From the well-known anchor, the gold TV and film producer, to the founder of the LAFASO (Beijing) Media and Cultural Co. Limited, Li Jing is not only a benchmark figure in the eyes of TV practitioners, but also a successful business woman. Following the year of 2000, when she established the LAFASO (Beijing) Media and Cultural Co. Limited, in 2008, Li Jing set up a vertical e-commerce platform (Lefeng.com), which is operated by famous stars, owned by self-brands, and based on cosmetics. In the same year, she established the Jingjia cosmetics Co., Limited, which is highly driven by celebrity effect. From then on, she has established a unique business model, centred with the core concept of "media+ trade” interactive industrial chain.