Matthew McSorley

Executive Vice-President, Project Support Services, Fluor Corporation

Twenty-seven years' int'l experience in project mgmt, engineering, construction and sales in a wide range of projects in the EPC industry as well as the operations & maintenance industry. 1991, joined Fluor as Structural Engineer; 2004, seconded to the World Economic Forum; 2006, Vice-President of EAME Sales; 2009, Vice-President Houston Office Operations, responsible for the resources, infrastructure, work environment, and business continuity planning for all projects executed from the office; 2011, Vice-President, Sales, Marketing & Strategic Planning, Energy & Chemicals Group; 2013, Senior Vice President, Power Business; 2016, Executive Vice President, Project Support Services responsible for the resources and infrastructure for the execution of projects, Fluor’s strategic initiatives, real estate as well as the company's Health, Safety & Environmental, and Quality programs.