Mohamed Alami Berrada

General Manager, Yasmine Orfèvres de l'immobilier

Development Director, Yasmine Group, Morocco ex-Counsellor of the Head of Governement-Morocco / Youth Employment (2017- today) In charge of the TIZI Leadership Institute, Graduated of ESSEC MBA (2003), Leadership Executive Education Programms - Harvard Kennedy School (2011, 2015) Political Communication Executive Education Programms - Hertie School of Governance (2009 ,2010). Member of the Board of Yasmine Group (2010- today) General Manager of Yasmine, Orfèvre de l'Immobilier (Real Estate) (2007-2017) Co-founder of the Moroccan Leadership NGOs : 'Tariq Ibnou Ziyad Initiative-TIZI' (2011) and 'Les Citoyens'(2016). Since 2012, he is in charge of the TIZI Leadership Institute which aims at promoting Leadership in Morocco and at identifying Moroccan Young Leaders . Professor in Moroccan Engineering Shools (EHTP 2007-2015, Centrale Casablanca 2017) Author of 'Be MiZen, grande fugues et petites réflexions' (2006-Senso Unico), 'De nos mains, un Maroc juste nous construirons' (2011 - TIZI Editions), 'Lettre à mon fils, le Maroc à construire pour le XXIème siècle' (2017-Senso Unico Editions).