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Mohammad Agha Nahavandian

Vice-President for Economic Affairs, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance of Iran

1977, BA in Economics, Tehran University; 1987, MPhil in Economics, George Washington University, US; 1992, PhD in Economics, Washington University, Washington DC. 1981-82, Special Envoy of the Prime Minister; 1993-2001, Deputy Minister for Planning, Ministry of Commerce; 1994-97, Member of the Presidential Economic Advisory Board, Office of the Presidency, Iran; 1995-2002, Trade Envoy and Plenipotentiary, Government of Iran; 1996-2001, Member, Economics Committee, National Council for Scientific Research; since 1997, Adviser, Centre for Strategic Research; 1998-99, Chairman, Management Team, Asia and Pacific Council, Facilitation of Administration, Commerce and Transportation; since 2004, Adviser to President; Director-General, Islamic Chamber Research and Information Centre. Recipient of award, First Annual Hsieh Prize in Economics, US (1987).