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Mohd Najib Bin Tun Abdul Razak

Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Office of the Prime Minister of Malaysia

BA (Hons) in Economics, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom. 1974-76, Executive, National Petroleum Corporation (PETRONAS); 1976-82, Member of Parliament for Pekan, Pahang; 1978-80, Deputy Minister of Energy, Telecommunications and Post; 1980-81, Deputy Minister of Education; 1981-82, Deputy Minister of Finance; 1982-86, Member of the State Assembly, Bandar Pekan; 1982-86, Chief Minister of State of Pahang; 1986-87, Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports; 1987-90, Minister of Youth and Sports; 1990-95, Minister of Defence; 1995-99, Minister of Education; since 1999, Minister of Defence; since 2004, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence.