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Munib R. Masri

Chairman, Palestine Development & Investment Ltd - PADICO HOLDING

1955, BA (Hons), Petroleum Geology, Univ. of Texas; 1956, MA, Gov't and Geology. Formerly, est. oil and gas related businesses in various countries. 1970, Minister of Public Works, Jordan. Returned to Nablus after signing of Oslo Accords. Founder and Chairman, EDGO Group; Co-Founder and Chairman, Palestinian Dev. and Investment Co. (PADICO). Member, Palestine Nat'l Council; Chairman, Int'l Chamber of Commerce, Palestine; Trustee, Al-Quds Univ. and AUB; sponsor of academic and charitable orgs; initiated Nablus Rehabilitation Cttee during the second Intifada (Sept 2000) aimed at rebuilding houses destroyed by the Israeli army. Honorary Doctorates, American Univ. of Beirut (AUB) and An-Najah National Univ., Nablus, Palestine.