Mustapha Mokass

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Climate Finance Group

Mustapha Mokass is a globally-renowned designer of smart innovative solutions to three of the most pressing challenges of our times: poverty, food insecurity and climate change. Within the World Bank and UN, he developed his skills in contributing to innovative risk sharing public private partnerships towards decreasing carbon emissions by scaling-up the transfer of technologies towards developing countries. He is a graduate of the Ms in Sustainability & Social Innovation at HEC Paris and holds an M.Sc in Urban and Environmental Engineering and EE from Harvard University Kennedy School of Government and Oxford Said Business School University. In 2015, he was named among the Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum. Since 2010, he invests his skills for the development of his home country Morocco, mobilizing international social investors in support of the agriculture strategy and the 10 GW renewable energy development plan (solar, wind, hydro). He founded several sustainability ventures, waste-to-energy technology, off-grid solar pumping technology and an advisory climate finance & investment firm. He is co-founder of the social eco-tourism enterprise employing 150 people in rural area. He was climate finance advisor to the COP21 and COP22 Presidencies. In November 2016, he founded the first of its kind Global Climate Finance Action Summit, as a global innovative partnerships action platform gathering global finance players to unlock climate finance for developing countries with one major outcome: the announcement of the $ 500 million first ever climate adaptation private investment fund (MICA Fund - Marrakech Investment Committee on Adaptation). In 2016 he founded the YGL Climate Finance & Blockchain Hubs Initiative that aims to unlock climate finance by unlocking climate skills in project design phase. The initiative is a capacity building mechanism that answers project developers needs to reach bankability threshold level. The initiative was awarded during World Economic Forum YGL Impact Lab 2016 in New York. He is a visiting professor of HEC Paris and he authored a book “Fostering a Global Clean Energy Market” L’Harmattan Paris in 2016. He was awarded in 2016 among the Top 100 most influential leaders in Africa. He is a regular public speaker at international conference on SDGs and Climate Change.