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Omar Lodhi

Partner and Regional Head, Asia, Abraaj Capital Asia Pte Ltd

Degree (Hons) in Int'l Trade and Development, London School of Economics; MBA, Harvard Business School. Eighteen years in private equity and investment banking, Middle East, Asia and Europe. Spent several years with UBS, London and Hong Kong. Former Head of Islamic Finance, Citigroup, Asia-Pacific region. 2005, joined Abraaj; until early 2009, headed one of three investment management teams responsible for deal sourcing, execution and post-acquisition management of partner companies; 2009-10, responsible for investor coverage and placement business; since Jan. 2011, Regional Head, Asia, based in Singapore; responsible for investment activities across South-East Asia and India as well as Abraaj's investor coverage activities across Asia-Pacific. Member, Abraaj's Executive Management and Investment Committees.