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Orit Gadiesh

Chairman, Bain & Company Inc.

Since 1977, with Bain & Company, since 1993, Chairman. Committee Member: Council of Foreign Relations. Trustee: Board of Trustees and Member, International Business Council (IBC), World Economic Forum; HEC School of Management, France; Governor, Tel Aviv University; International Advisory Board, Atlantic Council of US; Advisory Board, British-American Business Council. Member for life, former Vice Chairman and former Chairman, International Business Leaders Advisory Council (IBLAC) to the Mayor of Shanghai, China. BA (Hons) in Psychology, Hebrew University; MBA (Hons) and Baker Scholar, Harvard Business School. Recipient of awards: named one of Fortune Magazine’s “Most Powerful Women in Business”, and Forbes Magazine’s “The 100 Most Powerful Women in the World”. Awarded the Harvard Business School Alumni Achievement Award for outstanding achievement, the Distinguished Leadership Award from IDC University, the Leadership Award from Ben Gurion University, the International Institute of Boston’s 25th Annual Golden Door Award for outstanding contribution to the community, and Le Trophée de l’INSEAD by the French Minister of Finance, Economy and Industry.