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Philip Kiriro

President and Chairman, Eastern Africa Farmers Federation (EAFF)

MSc in Ruminant Husbandry and Animal Breeding; postgraduate courses in agricultural policy, biochemical genetics advocacy and participatory development. Livestock farmer (dairy and beef) in the Rift Valley province of Kenya. 1973-75, Specialist in Agriculture, Kenyan Government. 1976-2002, Lecturer, Egerton University Former: Chairman, Livestock Committee, Agricultural Society of Kenya and Council Member, Agricultural Society of Kenya; Chairman, Kenya National Farmers Union. Regional President, Eastern Africa Farmers Federation (EAFF); Vice-Patron, Kenya National Federation of Agricultural Producers. Founding Member, Eastern Africa Famers Federation. Member, CAADP Pillar II Experts Reference group on Market Access. Has participated in and presented papers at various regional and international forums representing producers.