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Pravin Gordhan

Minister of Finance, Ministry of Finance of South Africa

Bachelor's in Pharmacy, University of Durban, Westville. Late 1960s, active in anti-apartheid struggle spending four years in underground structures and detained three times by government; 1970s and 1980s, organized and led student movement and civic structures, involved in anti-apartheid organizations including African National Congress and South African Communist Party; 1971, Pharmacist, King Edward VII Hospital, Durban, expelled in 1981 after detention by the police; co-chaired council that prepared South Africa for first democratic elections; chair of parliamentary committee that laid foundation for establishment of local government authorities; Commissioner, South African Revenue Service, chaired World Customs Organization and Forum on Tax Administration. Since May 2009, Minister of Finance of South Africa. Honorary doctorates, University of South Africa and University of Cape Town.