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Raila Amolo Odinga

Prime Minister of Kenya (2008-2013), Orange Democratic Movement

1970, MSc in Mechanical Engineering, Technical University, Magdeburg, Germany; courses at British Standards Institution, London; National Bureau of Standards, Washington DC and University of Denver, Colorado, Until 1974, taught in Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Nairobi; 1975, Deputy Director, Kenya Bureau of Standard; 1982, arrested and detained without trial by government for agitating for restoration of political pluralism in Kenya; 1991, granted political asylum in Norway following threats to his life; Party Leader, NDP and party's presidential candidate in 1997, general election, coming third; 2002, Secretary-General, merged NDP and KANU; formed National Rainbow Coalition which won 2002 general election; 2003, Minister, Roads, Housing and Public Works, Kenya; September 2007, Presidential Candidate; 2007, won presidential elections; 2008, agreed to share power under coalition government; December 2010, appointed by African Union to lead efforts in resolving political crisis in Ivory Coast; joined Presidents of Benin, Sierra Leone and Cape Verde to travel to Ivory Coast with message from Economic Community Of West African States for incumbent President Laurent Gbagbo.