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Samir Brikho

Degree in Engineering; MSc in Thermal Technology, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm; 1991, YMP Programme, INSEAD; 2000, Senior Executive Programme, Stanford. 1983, with ABB: led sales in a range of world markets for 10 years: Member, Group Executive Committee, Switzerland; Head, Power Systems Division, and Chairman, ABB Lummus Global; 1995, Senior Vice-President and Managing Director, ABB Kraftwerke; 1999, CEO, ABB Alstom Kraftwerke, Germany; 2000, Head of International Operations, Alstom Power; 2003, CEO and Chairman, ABB Lummus; 2005, Member of the Group Executive Committee, ABB, Head of the Power Systems Division, ABB Lummus Global. Advisory Board Member, Stena. Board Member, SEB. Chair: UAE-UK Business Council; UK-Korea CEO Forum. 2009, Chair, Engineering and Construction Board, World Economic Forum; 2008-10, Chair, UK Energy Excellence; 2011, Chair, Offshore Europe. Co-Chair, Infrastructure and Urban Development Industries Committee, World Economic Forum. Honorary doctorate, Cranfield University (2015).