Shen Dingli

Professor and Associate Dean, Institute of International Studies, Fudan University

1983, BSc in Physics, Department of Physics, Fudan University, Shanghai, China; 1989, PhD in Physics. 1989-91, Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Energy and Environmental Studies, Princeton University. With Fudan University: since 1996, Professor; since 1992, Director, Program on Arms Control and Regional Security, Centre for American Studies; since 1998, Supervisor of PhD students; since 2003, Adviser of Postdoctoral Fellows in Politics, and Executive Dean, Institute of International Studies; since 2006, Director, Centre for American Studies. Vice-President: Chinese Association of South Asian Studies; Shanghai Association of International Relations; Shanghai Institute of International Strategic Studies; Shanghai Association of American Studies; Shanghai UN Research Association; Shanghai Public Affairs Research Association; Shanghai Committee of Pacific Economic Cooperation.