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Shimon Peres

Advanced studies in Agriculture, New School for Social Research, New York and Harvard University. 1953-59, Director-General, Ministry of Defence; 1959-2007, Member of the Knesset; 1959, Deputy Minister of Defence; 1965, Secretary-General, Rafi; 1969, Minister of Immigrant Absorption; 1970-74, Minister of Transport and Communication; 1974, Minister of Information; 1974-77, Minister of Defence; 1977, Acting Prime Minister; 1984, Prime Minister, National Unity Government; 1986, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs; 1988, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance; 1992, Minister of Foreign Affairs; 1995, Prime Minister and Minister of Defence; 1996-97, Head of the Opposition; 1999-2001, Minister of Regional Cooperation; 2001-02, Minister of Foreign Affairs; 2005, Vice-Prime Minister; 2006, Vice-Prime Minister and Minister for the Development of the Negev and Galilee and for Regional Economic Development; 2007, President of the State of Israel. 1997, Founded Peres Cente