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Shu Yinbiao

Chairman, State Grid Corporation of China

Dr. Shu, with high international prestige, has been long devoted in the management and research on power planning, construction, and dispatching, large grid control, UHV grid, smart grid, renewable energy development and international business. Dr. Shu once served as President of State Grid Construction Company, Executive Vice President and President of State Grid Corporation of China. Since his appointmentto top executiveof the company,Dr. Shu has attached greatimportance to corporate management and technology innovation. Major breakthroughs have been made in grid development, corporate performance, technical innovation, with large grid security level topping the world. As Vice President of International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), one of the world's three major international standard development organizations, Dr. Shu leads the Market Strategy Board (MSB) to orientate emerging technologies and market trends, identifypriorities in the new areas, and compiles IEC development strategy and planning as well as strategic policies.