Simon Engelke

Global Shaper, Cambridge Hub

Simon Engelke is a PhD candidate at the University of Cambridge focussed on advanced battery electrode structures and the Cambridge University Entrepreneurs (CUE) Entrepreneur of the Year 2015. He participated in the Global Young Scientists Summit 2016 ( and 63. Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting (, where in the latter he spoke in a panel with Sir Harold Kroto, Brian Kobilka, Ada Yonath and Beatrice Lugger on ”Why Communicate?” and wrote for Simon Engelke worked on a search engine for experimental information, as part of Google Summer of Code, with mentors at UC Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) and MIT. Previously, he was a Research Affiliate at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and part of the Materials Project, a collaboration between LBNL and MIT. He has been entrepreneurial from a young age, starting in Berlin with art ( and consulting ( to publishing in the Netherlands ( He founded and is running RandomShaper ( to connect Global Shapers from over 180 Hubs (>100 countries) in serendipitous ways. Simon Engelke has a great passion for energy storage and a broader vision for the fusion of disciplines, especially science, business and politics.