Sinéad Burke

Founder, Sinéad Burke

Academic, teacher, writer and advocate. Works to accelerate systemic change within the domains of diversity, education, inclusion, design and disability. Consults within the fashion, architecture and design industries to ensure that spaces and products are accessible to all. Responsible for the introduction of the term for little person, “duine beag”, into the Irish language. TED speaker; talk “Why Design Should Include Everyone” has amassed over 1 million views. Speaker on the topics of design, education and inclusion, most recently addressing the Business of Fashion’s VOICES conference. Contributing Editor, British Vogue. Writes for the Financial Times, Teen Vogue and the New York Times. Has been a guest on the Moth and DeRay’s Pod Save the People. On the cover of the Business of Fashion’s Age of Influence print issue. Member, BoF500. One of the 25 most influential women working in Britain in 2018, British Vogue. Recipient, Leadership Award, Eco-Age’s Green Carpet Fashion Awards.