Taka-Aki Sato

Director, Research and Development, Center for Precision Medicine, University of Tsukuba

Director of R & D Center for Precision Medicine, Tsukuba University Dr. Sato studied molecular biology and human genetics in Prof. Ken-Ichi Matsubara and received his Ph.D. for research on Yeast Genetics. As a postdoc of Prof. David E. Housman at MIT and Prof. John C. Reed at Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Inst., CA, he investigated molecular mechanisms of TNF receptor superfamily-mediated signal transduction and discovered several key molecules which control apoptosis pathway. In 1995, he was appointed a tenure Assistant Professor of Molecular Oncology in the Department of Otolaryngology/Head & Neck Surgery and Pathology and promoted a tenure Associated Professor at Columbia University in 1997. In 1997-2000, he was also jointly appointed youngest Chief Scientist of Molecular Oncology Laboratory at RIKEN, JAPAN. In 2003, he joined Shimadzu Corporation as a Chief Scientist of Life Science Laboratory and he has been a Director of Life Science Research Center in Shimadzu Corporation since 2008. He is currently a fellow and one of 24 top executive members among 12,000 Shimadzu employees all over the world. He is currently conducting several research laboratories collaborating with National Cancer Center Japan, University of Kyoto, and St Luke’s International Hospital, focusing on discovery of new cancer biomarkers by advanced Mass Spectrometry. He is now a Director of R&D Center for Precision Medicine in Tsukuba University, which is currently focusing on the multi-omics analyses including the whole genome sequencing-based approaches for the development and/or progression of human cancers as well as the liquid biopsy. He has been awarded Princess Takamatsunomiya Cancer Research Award, as well as research grants from The Ministry of Education, Science, and Culture of Japan; United States Army Medical Research and Development Command; American Cancer Society; and National Institute of Health.