Thongloun Sisoulith

President of the Lao People's Democratic Republic, Office of the President of Laos

Studies at: Pedagogical College, Neo Lao Hak Sat, Houaphanh; Pedagogical Institution, Saint Petersburg; Academy of Social Science, Moscow; PhD in Philosophy; Master's degree in Linguistics and Literature. 1967-69, Staff Officer, Educational Division, Neo Lao Hak Sat (Lao National Patriotic Front), Houaphanh Province; 1969-73, Staff Officer, Representative Office, Neo Lao Hak Sat (LNPE), Hanoi; 1978-79, Instructor, Vientiane University; 1979-81, Secretary to the Ministry of Education and Chief, External Relations Division, Ministry of Education; 1985-86, Director, Public Research Department, Minister Council Board, Office of the Prime Minister; 1987-92, Vice-Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs; 1993-97, Minister of Labour and Social Welfare; 1998-2000, Member of Parliament. Since 2001: Deputy Prime Minister of Laos; President, Committee for Planning and Cooperation (CPC); President, Committee for Investment and Cooperation (CIC); President, Lao National Committee for Energy (LNCE). Honorary President, SOS of Lao PDR.

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