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Troels Oerting Jorgensen

Head of the Centre for Cybersecurity, World Economic Forum

Troels Oerting Group Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) from 2 February 2015 Prior to joining Barclays Troels was Head of European Cybercrime Centre and Head of Europol Counter Terrorist and Financial Intelligence Centre, a role he held since January 2012., Troels was also the Deputy Head of ICT Department and Deputy Head of OC Department at Europol the EU’s Police Agency. Earlier in his career, Troels was with the Danish National Police first as Director Head of Serious Organised Crime Agency and then as Director of Operations, Danish Security Intelligence Service. Troels also chaired the EU Financial Cybercrime Coalition, of which most banks are partners, and has very strong experience in cyber security. Throughout his career, he has been working with governments and corporations to advise on how they react to the increasing international cyber threats, and worked closely with law enforcement, intelligence services and cyber security businesses.