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Vijay Eswaran

Executive Chairman, QI Group

Malaysian entrepreneur, philanthropist and author. Formerly worked as a taxi driver to fund university education in London and Illinois. 1998, established a direct selling network which quickly grew to become one of the market leaders in South-East Asia, the Middle East and Africa. In the past 20 years, the network has trained and empowered over 1 million entrepreneurs across the world's toughest and most prominent emerging markets. Founder and Executive Chairman, QI Group of Companies, a multinational conglomerate with diverse interests, including direct selling, real estate, education, retail and hospitality, in more than 30 countries. Passion for mentoring entrepreneurs led to establishing the RYTHM and Vijayaratnam Foundations, working with disadvantaged communities in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Founder and Chairman, Quest International University Perak in Malaysia. Author and speaker on leadership, mindfulness and spirituality.