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Vimbayi Kajese

Founder, #Adtags

Vimbayi is the founder of #Adtags, a proudly African marketplace and platform that’s tackling the stereotypes and lack of racial and gender diversity in the branding and advertising market. Her experience in media spans over 10 years and includes: Cofounding a CSR consultancy turned magazine in China, The Charitarian; training Fortune 500 executives in PR crisis management; women's activism, as a former rape crisis volunteer and most notably as China's first African to anchor state news TV which broadcasts to over a billion viewers. For these, Vimbayi is recognized as: African Leadership Network's "New Generation Leader", Zimbabwe's Top 10 "Most Influential Under 40", Chinese government appointed "Special Friendship Envoy and Cultural Ambassador" and World Economic Forum's "Young Global Leader. In addition to constantly trying to improve her public speaking and Muay Thai training skills, she is also learning how to be a better champion for people with Autism.