Wang Guoyu

Dean, Academy of Air, Space Policy and Law, Beijing Institute of Technology

Guoyu WANG, Doctoral degree in Law and Economics, Dean of the Academy of Air, Space Policy and Law, Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), Professor of the Law School of BIT; Deputy Director, CNSA Space Law Center (2017-), Legal Counsellor in Space Law, CNSA Lunar Exploration and Space Project Center (2016-2022), Board Director of IISL (2021-), Board Member of the Advisory Committee of SWF (2020-), Council member, Global Future Council on Space Council (2022-), Founder of Beijing HarmonizeSpace Consultancy (2021-).
Dr. Wang has been severed as a Chinese delegate to UNCOPUOS, (2012-), IADC, (2014-2016) meetings, as well as a Chinese expert in the Long-term Sustainability for Outer Space Activities Working Group (2012-2019). He is an editorial member and expert of McGill Manual for the International Law Applicable for Military Use of Outer Space (MILAMOS) since 2018, an expert of The Hague International Working Group on Space Resources Governance (2015-2019) and a member of Global Experts Group for Sustainable Lunar Activities (GEGSLA, 2021-).
Dr. Wang’s researches focus on international and national space law, international space politics. Dr. Wang's expertise includes legal and political analysis on space security issues, inter alia, arms control in outer space and space debris mitigation and remediation; space natural resources use and exploration; China space legislation. Dr. Wang has published over 80 papers either in Chinese or English in space law and policy domain, hosted more than 30 researches projects sponsored by national, departmental agencies, space sectors and other institutes, finished researches reports in the amount of 2.1 million words.

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