Wang Jian

President and Co-Founder, BGI

1979, graduate, Hunan Medical College; 1986, Master's in Integrated Medicines, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. 1988-94, Research Fellow, focusing on cell proliferation and differentiation, University of Texas, University of Iowa and University of Washington. 1991, established the Seattle Chinese Biomedical Association, with plans to introduce the project to China. 1994, returned to China and set up Jubilee Biotechnology. 1999, co-founded BGI in order to engage in research contributing to the HGP. 2003-07, Deputy Director, Institute of Genomics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. 2007, BGI moved from Beijing to Shenzhen, focusing on the organizational task of integrating research, education and industry. Over the past two decades, has remained true to aspiration and belief that advancing omics and related technologies will benefit people everywhere. To achieve this goal, BGI has formed a unique development model: scientific discovery, technological invention and industrial development, in coordination with cultivating talent and developing new fields of study and industrial applications. Devoted to health and fitness, both practicing an active lifestyle and also helping to inspire others. Interests: extreme sports, including snowboarding, windsurfing and climbing. Has climbed and skied on some of the highest mountains in the world, including summiting Mount Everest.

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