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Yury Trutnev

Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Office of the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation

1978, degree in Mining Engineering, Perm Polytechnic Institute. Formerly: interned with Polaznaneft and Komineft oil companies as an assistant drill-operator and then drill-operator of oil and gas production equipment. 1978, Engineer and Junior Research Associate, PermNIPIneft, a design institute developing oil and gas production equipment. 1981-88, with Perm city and regional Young Communist League (YCL) committees and the regional sports committee. 1988, founded and headed the Kontakt physical fitness and recreation association. 1990, Chief Executive Officer, EKS Co. 1996, Chief Executive Officer, shareholding company E.K.S. International, comprising EKS Group enterprises. 1994, Deputy, Perm Regional Legislature and Chairman, Economic Policy and Taxation Committee. December 1996, elected and sworn in as Mayor of Perm. December 2000, elected Governor of the Perm Region. 9 March 2004, appointed Natural Resources Minister. 31 August 2013, appointed Deputy Prime Minister and Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District.