Li Zhizhong

Founder, Shiyu Children Foundation

Dr. Zhizhong Li is currently the co-founder of Shiyu Children Foundation, a NGO focusing on promoting awareness, patient education and drug discovery for pediatric cancers. Dr. Zhizhong Li graduated from Duke University with PhD in Molecular Cancer Biology in 2009. He later joined Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research as a research investigator in the department of Oncology Drug Discovery, focusing on new target identification and validation. He published over 20 peer-reviewed research articles including a cover story on Cancer Cell. His work has been cited for over 6000 times. Dr. Zhizhong Li is also one of the best pop science writer in China. He is a best-selling author and has written four books on the topic of cancer biology and oncology drug discovery. His books have won over 10 prestigious awards in China, including “Best 30 Books in China 2015” and “Best Pop Science Book in China 2017”. His WeChat blog has over 500,000 followers.