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Ingka Group's Jesper Brodin: The talent crisis you’re not talking enough about

More than 100 million displaced people struggle to find new work after fleeing war and chaos. To help refugees and asylum seekers find a true fresh start, Ingka Group (the chief owner and operator of IKEA retail) designed the Skills for Employment Initiative. With its 3-6 months of training in language and other critical job skills, displaced people can find meaningtul work at IKEA or other companies and get a true fresh start. In this episode, Ingka Group CEO Jesper Brodin shared the lessons he has learned from this initiative and how, if scaled, programs like this one could play an important role in everything from tackling labor shortages to strengthening economies. He also shared how programs like this one can reveal key hiring blindspots, ensuring leaders re-examine current hiring approaches to be more inclusive, less slow, and even less biased towards a certain types of profiles.

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Hosted by:
Linda Lacina

Digital Editor, World Economic Forum

Jobs and the Future of Work

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Meet the Leader

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