Enabling Trade: Unlocking the Potential of Mexico and Vietnam

The primary objective of the World Economic Forum’s Enabling Trade initiative is to ensure growth in trade and momentum for the global implementation of the 2013 Bali Trade Facilitation Agreement. With that as the goal, the government of Mexico and the Forum launched a joint study that highlights existing trade barriers revealed during interviews with the public and private sectors, and offers further recommendations for actions. By looking at the end-to-end value chain of a medical device, the report also presents a rough estimate of the potential impact of trade barrier removal.

Some of the recommendations provided are specific to medical devices; however, many could have benefits beyond the medical devices industry. In addition, the initiative investigated the progress made by Vietnam, the significant remaining trade obstacles it faces and the vast improvements it can make to become more globally competitive by addressing the hurdles – and potential gains – in border administration, infrastructure and market access. The report was made in collaboration with Bain & Company.

17 June 2016