Global Agenda Council on Digital Health 2012-2014
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The transformational power of information and communication technologies (ICTs) drives digital health, much the way it does other industries such as banking and retail. However, it is only now that using and adopting ICTs in healthcare is gaining momentum, a change from the previous slow pace of uptake. Today’s burgeoning digital health technology sector is encouraging. Health-related data can make a powerful impact on the global health landscape by improving the safety, efficiency and quality of healthcare. One of the biggest innovations in this space is delivering more data to consumers through mobile, social and Web applications. This information can empower individuals to make more informed decisions concerning their health and behaviour. In addition to advantages for both practitioners and patients, digital health presents many social and economic benefits including cost savings, increasing the productivity and efficiency of populations, creating jobs, sustainability and improving the use of health resources.

Tuesday 1 June 2010