Green Light: Creating ICT Efficiency for a Cleaner Future

Welcome to the second edition of Green Light, a monthly newsletter from the Global Agenda Council on Governance for Sustainability aimed at highlighting promising environmental initiatives. The Council was established by the World Economic Forum to help identify and promote new ways to serve both people and the planet through sustainable development. We also draw on the ideas of other Global Agenda Councils working on such related issues as food, water, energy, trade, oceans, supply chains and the rule of law.Worldwide, there is an increasingly urgent need to bring about more prosperity and equality, while preserving a planet imperilled by climate change and a host of other environmental challenges. Our goal is not only to share green ideas, especially those based on collaboration and public-private partnerships, but also to inspire people to replicate and even scale up similar initiatives wherever they are.In this second edition of Green Light, we look at GreenTouch, an exciting initiative that aims to transform communication, data networks and the Internet, and radically reduce the carbon footprint of ICT devices, platforms and networks. We hope you enjoy Green Light and that you will find it a source of inspiration for your work.

30 September 2013