HR4.0: Shaping People Strategies in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is blurring the lines between people and technology. The impact of those changes on the way people work and businesses produce value spans all industries, economies, and societies and redefines the future of work.

HR 4.0, a framework for shaping people's strategies in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, is an initial response to the changing role of organizations in the context of this challenge. It explores why the Fourth Industrial Revolution creates the impetus for transformation in people strategies and HR practices; outlines what business leaders—including Chief People Officers, Chief Human Resource Officers, CEOs, and other C-suite leaders—can do to respond; and describes how organizations are already responding to the need for change, with examples of emerging roles, technologies and critical skills for the future of HR.

Co-created with a group of forward-thinking Chief Human Resources Officers and other experts, the white paper aims to start a conversation on proactively managing the future of work through an empowered human resources function and deploying the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to improve employee experience and productivity. It identifies six key imperatives that business leaders, partnering with their human resources counterparts, will need to implement:

1. Developing New Leadership Capabilities for the 4IR

2. Managing the Integration of Technology in the Workplace

3. Enhancing the Employee Experience

4. Building an Agile and Personalized Learning Culture

5. Establishing Metrics for Valuing Human Capital

6. Embedding Diversity and Inclusion

11 December 2019