Norms and Values in Digital Media: Rethinking Intellectual Property in the Digital Age
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In 2013, The Media, Entertainment and Information Industries community of the World Economic Forum took a deep look into intellectual property issues in the digital age. \"Norms and Values in Digital Media: Principles for the Creative and Information Economy in the Digital Age\" outlines the shared goals developed by leaders in industry, government, civil society as well as individual creators. Principles were developed through workshops and dialogues around the world, focusing on two pilot markets – the United Kingdom and Indonesia. These dialogues offered stakeholders an opportunity to understand concrete dynamics and contextualize the debate on the complex and often abstract issue of intellectual property in the digital context. Through the process of drafting these principles, participants had an opportunity to build common ground with other stakeholders representing divergent interests and to create an effective tool to facilitate future discussion and collaboration.

Sunday 19 January 2014