Strategic Infrastructure: Steps to Prioritize and Deliver Infrastructure Effectively and Efficiently

Strategic infrastructure is the backbone that interconnects our modern economies. The most strategic investments are functional and create the greatest impact in terms of economic growth, social uplift and sustainability. It is generally assumed that for every dollar spent on public infrastructure investment the gross domestic product of the country will increase by approximately US$ 0.05 to US$ 0.25. Thus, competitive economic advantage clearly depends on a country’s infrastructure vision and long-term planning; yet, there is no succinct manual available to help government leaders in selecting and prioritizing their infrastructure needs beyond the constraining logic of political cycles. In fact, infrastructure will only drive sustained economic growth when it is properly aligned with the country’s priorities. In other words, it is an imperative that presidents, prime ministers and civil servants must inscribe at the topmost position of their countries’ agendas to successfully convert their strategies into action.Read more about the World Economic Forum\'s involvement in Infrastructure & Urban Development Industries

18 October 2012