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Gen Z Are Reading More Print Books Than E-Books

Teens and young adults might have a reputation for spending time online, but when it comes to books, 68% of Gen Z readers in the US prefer the printed word. While 42% read e-books in the UK, 80% of the books bought by 13-24-year-olds are printed, while just 14% are e-books.

Gen Z also reads more than any other generation. 83% of US adults aged 18-29 say they regularly read, compared with three-quarters of people aged 30-49. Gen Z has also helped to spur a publishing revival. Book sales hit record highs in the UK and the US last year, driven in part by a 30% increase in sales of young adult fiction and while Gen Z might prefer their books to be printed rather than pixelated. Digital technology has played a big part in this revival, too.

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