Balancing Financial Stability, Innovation, and Economic Growth
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In an effort to understand better the implications of the Fourth Industrial Revolution – a technology-led transformation that is fundamentally altering the way people work, live and relate to one another – the World Economic Forum has prioritized a review of the financial system through the launch of a new initiative: Balancing Financial Stability, Innovation, and Economic Growth (FSIEG).

As part of this initiative, the Forum has held a series of roundtable discussions and completed interviews with industry executives and experts to examine the technological transformation taking place in financial services. This White Paper provides a summary of findings identified during the ongoing discussions and interviews, which at a very high level can be condensed in the following four points:

· Further major innovation-driven change is coming in financial services.

· Joint, concerted action is needed to enable the system to reap the benefits of innovation.

· Managing some systemic risks introduced by this wave of innovation poses challenges.

· The financial services system would benefit from certain tools to achieve greater enablement and risk management.

This whitepaper was prepared in collaboration with Oliver Wyman.

White Paper
Sunday 25 June 2017