Bio-Innovation in the Food System: Towards a New Chapter in Multistakeholder Collaboration

Mindful of the systemic nature of the nutrition, food security and environmental challenges faced by today's food system, the present discussion paper focuses more specifically on the future role of bio-innovation. By recognizing both opportunities and challenges presented by bio-innovation, a new chapter in
multistakeholder collaboration will have to shift away from a binary, zero-sum approach – labelling bio-innovation as either good or bad – towards a common interest agenda.

The foundation for shaping the future role of bio-innovation in food system transformation needs to be a holistic and inclusive conversation among all relevant stakeholders willing to engage to build shared understanding and a shared vision. This paper serves as an invitation to open dialogue. It offers some
preliminary ideas on on how to enable a new chapter in multistakeholder collaboration and allow the exploration of more systemic governance frameworks.

White Paper
21 September 2018