Bridging Skills and Innovation Gaps in Latin America: Country Implementation of the Competitiveness Lab

Making progress on competitiveness, the factors and institutions that determine productivity and future prosperity, requires multistakeholder engagement and coordinated efforts with government and between the public and private sectors. The second phase of the Competitiveness Lab seeks to accelerate structured public-private dialogue and competitiveness agendas to close the main gaps identified in the Global Competitiveness Report.

The second phase of the Lab builds on the diagnosis of the Global Competitiveness Report and the Insight Report with policy recommendations to close the main gap—innovation—to convene a high level Steering Committee and Working Groups and facilitate work towards closing the gap. This report presents the methodology and outcomes of the pilot lab in Colombia and the summary of the conclusion in Mexico, which is presented in a separate report. Both countries identified the need for new public-private financing mechanisms as the most pressing issue and propose a set of recommendations for action. The model is replicable and can help guide countries in their efforts to leverage the Global Competitiveness Report as a public-policy tool.

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White Paper
28 November 2016