Digitizing Entrepreneurship for Impact

“Digitizing Entrepreneurship for Impact” means the opportunity for all entrepreneurs, no matter where they are located, to contribute to solving global challenges. Whereas the gravitational pull of national and regional innovation hubs cannot be denied, the entrepreneurial spirit can awaken anywhere that a true challenge and creative idea collide, no longer limited by physical constraints. Digital connectivity (in many places once isolated but no less affected by problems facing the planet) now allows entrepreneurs working outside traditional hubs to make a difference by developing technological solutions that are relevant not only locally but globally.

There are many dimensions to empowering digital entrepreneurship for impact. This paper focuses on three:

1. Effective entrepreneurial education – going beyond skills to include both an internal mindset and external ecosystems

2. Responsible and resourceful data use – leveraging the importance of data to serve as both a motivator and catalyst of new solutions

3. Inclusive digital platforms – filling gaps in budding physical hubs, whose entrepreneurs gain value from sharing insights and resources.

Within each of these dimensions, this paper aims to clarify the changing role of the entrepreneur, identify the resources needed for success, and provide practical case studies, recommendations and metrics that serve as food for thought to anyone whose objective is fomenting entrepreneurial activity with impact.

White Paper
4 September 2019