Government with the People: A New Formula for Creating Public Value

The Report highlights how the 21st Century needs a new model of government, a government with the people and not just for the people, providing services – from law and order to social welfare – for their citizens. The Report calls for a new approach that focuses on creating public value in three ways that include mapping society and making it visible, empowering citizens, and reducing risk and fostering innovation.

The concept of public value explored in this Report is less about protecting and providing for citizens and more about empowering them. This Report looks ahead to a new social contract and foresees a kind of government that may seem unimaginable to many citizens and governments today.

The Report builds on previous reports tabled by the Council in 2012 and 2014 that outlined the FAST (flat, agile, streamlined and tech-enabled) government blueprint and traced the evolution of e-government and introduced the idea of a smart toolbox respectively. This final report of the Council consolidates it’s thinking on the Future of Government, and advocates for agile governance, enhanced by new technologies to allow closer collaborations with citizens as value co-creators.

White Paper
14 February 2017