Incredible India 2.0 - India’s $20 Billion Tourism Opportunity

Following the launch of the 2017 edition of the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report, where India was ranked one of the most improved nations; leaders from the Indian public and private sector decided to carry out an in-depth analysis of their travel and tourism industry. The Incredible India 2.0 Report, which highlights the results of this initiative, addresses how India should enhance its value proposition and create an enabling environment for the country’s travel and tourism industry.

The report estimates that growing international arrivals to 20 million will lead to $19.9 billion in incremental tourism receipts. On this basis, opportunities are put forward to boost international demand from the design of unique experiences to ensuring traveller security; as well as creating adequate supply through progressive legislation and investing in digital and physical security. Two proposed solutions include the creation of a tourism board to unify the fragmented industry and implemented a pilot in a state which has traditionally welcomed fewer international tourists.

White Paper
6 October 2017